• Episode 50 – The Incredible Mind of Claude Shannon with Jimmy Soni & Mark Levinson

    Our topic this week is Claude Shannon, a mathematician and engineer known as the Father of Information theory for his landmark paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication", which he published in 1948. Shannon's seminal work and discoveries ushered in the digital age, and for that alone, his life is worthy of study, but Shannon also had this other remarkable quality to his life – a very playful and creative mind. Shannon was always curious, and he devoted his considerable intellect to a diverse range of activities and interests, that included juggling, unicycles, artificial intelligence, chess playing machines, wearable computers – he even built a chairlift on his property. He was both a mathematical and creative genius.

  • Episode 24 – Winston Churchill with Andrew Roberts

    On today’s show, I talk with Andrew Roberts, the author of a brilliant one-volume biography of Winston Churchill entitled, Walking with Destiny.  Andrew will be our guide as we learn from […]

  • Episode 19 – William James with John Kaag

    On today’s show, I talk with John Kaag, an American philosopher and writer, and the author of the book “Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James can save your life.” […]

  • Episode 9 – Seneca with James Romm

    On today’s show, I talk with James Romm, Professor of Classics at Bard College and the author of the books Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero, and How to […]