• Episode #69 – The Deadline Effect with Christopher Cox

    My guest this week is Christopher Cox, author of the book, “The Deadline Effect: How to Work Like It’s the Last Minute, Before the Last Minute.” There is something about deadlines. They can motivate and inspire us to do great work and they can create urgency – would we ever complete any significant project without a deadline? – but they can also cause anxiety and stress.

  • Episode #68 – Journaling and the Power of Reflection with Bob Cancalosi

    My guest today is Bob Cancalosi, the author of several books about journaling, most recently, Four Loops Learning: Reflection Points. Bob has been journaling for over 20 years. I talk with him about why he got started, what kept him going through the years and how it's enhanced his life. He also talks about getting diagnosed, three years ago, with a rare head and neck cancer, and how journaling has helped him through a very trying ordeal, and now it's changed his perspective on life.

  • Episode #65 – The Former President of Fidelity on Remote Work

    Today's guest is Bob Pozen, the former president of Fidelity Investments. He teaches a course at MIT Sloan called "Maximizing your own Productivity" and he recently authored a book with Alexendra Samuel titled, Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work...Wherever You Are.

  • Episode #64 – Working and Living Authentically with Mike Horne

    Mike Horne is the author of Integrity by Design: Working & Living Authentically. Mike consults with organizations to help them build authentic cultures and he works directly with executives as a leadership coach. In this episode we explore what it means to live an authentic life. We look to Warren Buffett as as an example in the business community as someone who leads with integrity and has built a company, in Berkshire Hathaway, that is built on trust. We discuss the corporate scandals at both Enron and Wells Fargo, and the cautionary tale s they provide of what happens when an organization fails to build a strong culture of integrity. And finally, Mike provides tips on how we can use the principles of Integrity by Design to live a more authentic , flourishing life.

  • Episode #63 – Designing Your Life with Bill Burnett (replay)

    Today’s guest is a former designer from Apple who is now the Executive Director of the Stanford Design Program, and he teaches a hugely popular course at Stanford called Designing Your Life. His name is Bill Burnett and he’s the co-author of the book,Designing Your Life, How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life. Bill has taken the principles of design that he learned at Apple and he helps people apply them to design their life.

  • Episode #61 – Jeff Bezos’ Letter to Amazon Shareholders 2020

    In today’s episode we explore Jeff Bezos' latest letter to Amazon Shareholders, and pull out lessons we can learn to help us succeed in business and in life. In the letter, Bezos looks at how Amazon delivers value to customers, employees, partners and shareholders and he explains how this value is an excellent measure of innovation.

  • Episode #60 – Lessons from the World’s Greatest Investors with William Green

    Today's guest is William Green, author of Richer, Wiser, Happier: How the World's Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life. This is an incredible book, profiling some of the greatest investors: Monish Pabrai, Charlie Munger, Bill Miller, Nick Sleep, and many more. Green reveals the principles and habits that contributed to their success in both investing and life.

  • Episode #59 – Reading the Great Books with Scott Hambrick (replay)

    On today's show, I talk with Scott Hambrick, the founder of Online Great Books, an organization that hosts virtual seminars for people who want to read the Great Books of Western Civilization. Scott talks about what makes the Great Books great, why they are so important, and how they contribute to living the Good Life. We also do a deep dive into Aristotle’s famous work on how to achieve happiness and live the best possible life.

  • Episode #58 – Cal Newport on A World Without Email

    My guest this week is Cal Newport, author of the New York Times Best-Selling book: A World Without email: Reimagining work in an Age of Digital Overload. Cal has heavily influenced me, and countless others, on the need to carve out large blocks of uninterrupted time to focus on Deep Work, that's meaningful, important strategic work that takes dedicated attention. One of the most important differentiating factors for our career is our ability to carve out this uninterrupted time and complete projects with long-term impact. And in this book, he shows us how to do that.

  • Episode 55 – Stoicism with William Irvine (replay)

    This episode is a replay of one of the most popular episodes from last year. The guest is William B. Irvine, professor of philosophy at Wright State University and the author of A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and more recently, The Stoic Challenge: A Philosopher’s Guide to Becoming Tougher, Calmer and More Resilient.