Episode 10 – Solitude with Michael Erwin

On today’s show, I talk with Michael Erwin, the co-author of Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership through Solitude.  Michael, a graduate of West Point in 2002, served three combat tours with the First Cavalry Division and 3rd Special Forces Group in Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael talks about the role solitude played in forging his military leadership experience, and how it led him to found the veteran’s service organization, Team Red White & Blue, and write.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is solitude and why it’s so important for leadership
  • The difference between being “alone” and “productive solitude”
  • How solitude can provide clarity for leaders
  • How emotional balance and creativity are cultivated through solitude
  • The importance of moral courage for leaders to have conviction
  • How General Eisenhower used solitude during WWII
  • How leaders use writing and running to become even better leaders

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