Episode 16 – Managing Through Covid-19 with Matt Walker

On today’s show, I talk with Matt Walker, author of Adventure in Everything and a professional mountain guide, executive coach and keynote speaker. Matt has over 20 year’s experience leading groups of some of the world’s highest peaks and helping his clients get more out of life through adventure.

The topic today is how to manage our lives, both personally and professionally, through the COVID-19 pandemic.  How, by treating this experience as an adventure, with all of the associated risks and dangers, and yet holding out the possibility of reaching new heights, we can come out of this stronger and healthier than before. We’ll also talk about how to manage our stress so we can tap into the creativity we all need to get through this.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to manage our lives, both personally and professionally, through COVID-19
  • How to deal with higher levels of stress and anxiety
  • How to approach the COVID-19 experience as you would an expedition
  • Why exercise, diet, rest and relationships are more important than ever
  • Why we need to continue to create during a crisis
  • How to use a 7-day challenge to ensure we make progress toward our goals
  • Why you should still wear our work clothes, even when working from home
  • Why we need an expedition ascent plan for our lives

Books & Resources

  • Adventure in Everything by Matt Walker
  • 7-Day Challenge

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