Episode 23 – Money & Happiness with Jonathan Clements

On today’s show, I talk with Jonathan Clements, the author of How to Think About Money, and runs the HumbleDollar.com website.  Prior to that, he wrote the Personal Finance column in the Wall Street Journal for many years.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The three things money can do for us when it comes to happiness
  • How our instincts often work against us when it comes to managing money
  • Why investing in “friends and family” might be the best investment we ever make
  • Why we should spend our money on experiences over possessions
  • Why gratitude enhances happiness
  • Why striving for our goals is more important than relaxing
  • Why we should pursue money in our 20s and our passion in our 50s

Books & Resources

How to Think About Money by Jonathan Clements

Connect with Jonathan Clements

Connect with Sean Murray

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