Episode 24 – Winston Churchill with Andrew Roberts

On today’s show, I talk with Andrew Roberts, the author of a brilliant one-volume biography of Winston Churchill entitled, Walking with Destiny. 

Andrew will be our guide as we learn from the life of Winston Churchill. It’s the first in a new series here on The Good Life where we will explore biographies of great leaders and investors, and pull out lessons we can apply to our own life and investing. Churchill lived a flourishing life and there is so much we can learn from his education, his writing, his speeches, his leadership, his work ethic, even his time management habits.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Churchill’s self-education set him apart from his peers
  • Why Churchill dedicated himself to reading the Canon of Western Literature and how that shaped him
  • How Churchill became the best paid war correspondent in the world as a young man
  • How his early life prepared him for his leadership of Britain during its “finest hour”
  • How Churchill learned from the many setbacks and mistakes in his life to continue to improve and become a better leader
  • How he become such a gifted writer
  • Why he was disappointed when he received the Nobel Prize
  • How Churchill effectively used language and oratory to rally and inspire people to action

Books & Resources

Walking with Destiny by Andrew Roberts

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