Episode 28 – Lewis & Clark with Jeff Ton (Part II)

On today’s show, we will continue to the second part of a double episode on Leadership Lessons from the Lewis Clark Expedition.  I brought back Jeff Ton to continue the story of the Corps of Discovery and their incredible journey of exploration in the American West in the early 1800s.

Last week, we talked about how the expedition had traveled up Missouri and spent their first winter at Fort Mandan on the Great Plains. This week, we follow the expedition as they portage around the Great Falls of Missouri, ascend the Rocky Mountains, travel down the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean and return to St. Louis. Note that this episode is much more than a history lesson, as we follow the adventures of the expedition, we will periodically pause to reflect on leadership lessons and the decision making of the leaders.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build resilience on your team
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • Making decisions when your team disagrees with you
  • Collaborating and partnering with other organizations to achieve success
  • The value of keeping a journal and finding time for reflection
  • The importance of “proceeding on” when things are tough
  • The role character and integrity play in leadership
  • Why the Journals of Lewis & Clark are such a valuable resource on leadership

Books & Resources

Connect with Jeff Ton

Connect with Sean Murray

Jeff teaches leadership to IT professionals and is a great storyteller. He’s an expert on the Lewis & Clark expedition, having personally traveled much of the trail.

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