Episode 30 – The Latticework with Blas Moros

My guest on today’s show is Blas Moros, a talented writer and the creator of a very popular blog called The Rabbit Hole, where he provides book summaries, essays, and other resources.  I stumbled across the Rabbit Hole a few years ago and it has become a valuable resource for me and others.

In this episode, Blas announces the launch of a unique resource and community called The Latticework.  Listeners of The Good Life will be among the first to know about this incredible resource.   It’s an ambitious project that connects the big ideas from the big disciplines and brings together a community of like-minded learners to explore the most important mental models and develop a multi-disciplinary way of thinking.

Moreover, Blas talks about why he built the Latticework and how it is designed to help us all improve our thinking, Charlie Munger’s concept of Worldly wisdom, why mastering the big ideas from the big disciplines is so important, how to apply the concept of compounding to our own learning, and why the most important discipline of all is “learning how to learn.”

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of multi-disciplinary thinking
  • How to build your own personal latticework of mental models
  • How to apply the power of compounding to your learning
  • Why it’s important to study the big ideas from the big disciplines
  • How to apply mental models in a way that impact your life
  • The concept of Worldly Wisdom and why it’s important.
  • How to learn how to learn
  • How to use the ADEPT learning framework: Analogy, Diagram, Example, Plain English, and Technical Description

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