Episode 32 – Transformative Experiences with L.A. Paul

When we look back on our lives we can all point to experiences that transformed us – experiences so impactful they shape who we are.

My guest today is Laurie Ann (L.A.) Paul, Professor of Philosophy at Yale and author of Transformative Experience. In our discussion, we delve into these experiences and uncover some surprising dilemmas inherent when we decide whether or not to undergo a transformative experience.  Laurie also offers some guidelines to help us make the best choice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is a transformative experience?
  • Why is it so hard to value different outcomes when facing a decision to undergo a transformative experience?
  • Why we can’t just ask other people, “What’s it like?”
  • Why we can’t use rational decision-making tools in these unique circumstances?
  • Why we should focus more on the transformative experience itself rather than the end result?
  • How we can approach these decisions when rational decision-making fails?
  • The role “suffering” plays in a transformative experience

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