Episode 36 – Leadership with Michael Abrashoff

On today’s show, Sean talks with Michael Abrashoff. In this episode, Michael talks about the leadership principles he relied on to transform the USS Benfold, and how we can use those same principles to improve our own leadership skills.

In 1997, Michael took command of the USS Benfold, one of the poorest performing ships in the US Navy at that time. In a few short years under his leadership, it became one of the best performing ships in the fleet.

Michael also wrote a book about his experience titled “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy.”. It’s gone on to become a best-seller.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Abrashoff “turned around” one of the lowers performing ships in the US Navy
  • The importance of getting your team to take “ownership” of the business or organization
  • Why being liked by your people isn’t as important as being respected.
  • Why Abrashoff interviewed all 310 men and women on his ship
  • Why driving for “one percent better each day” and then letting compounding do its thing can be so effective
  • How to achieve great goals by small, constant, measured, daily improvement
  • Why the more command Abrashoff gave up the more command he got over his ship
  • Why Abrashoff banned all meetings one day each week
  • Why leaders should always eat last

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