Episode 37 – Montaigne with Michael Perry

On today’s show, Sean’s guest is Michael Perry, a writer from rural Wisconsin who was so influenced by Montaigne that he wrote a book, “Montaigne in Barn Boots: An Amateur Ambles through Philosophy.”

In this episode Michael talks about how he came to discover Montaigne, the lessons he’s learned from Montaigne, how surprised he was that he could relate to this 16th-century French Nobleman, and most importantly, how reading Montaigne has changed his life for the better.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we see ourselves in Montaigne when we read The Essays
  • How Montaigne shares his curiosity about the world with us
  • How Montaigne can help us survive in a politically divided world
  • What we learn about ourselves by reading Montaigne
  • Why it’s important to contemplate death (at least a tiny bit) every day
  • Why Montaigne is more about opportunities to be explored than systems to be followed
  • How Montaigne changed Michael Perry’s life for the better

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