Episode 41 – The Naval Ravikant Almanack with Eric Jorgenson

In this episode, Sean Murray talks with Eric Jorgenson about the latter’s new book, “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.” This is a book Eric collaborated on with Naval and they are giving the book away free online. It is essentially a collection of the wisdom of Naval, which was pulled from a variety of sources like Twitter, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, and other ephemeral media, which Eric assembled and organized into a book that is easy to read and search.

Naval is a fascinating and very successful entrepreneur and investor who has a lot of interesting things to say about getting rich, building wealth, achieving happiness, developing your unique talents, and leveraging them.

In this Episode You’ll Learn

  • The unconventional education and career of Naval Ravikant and how that contributed to his success as an investor
  • How to get rich without getting luck
  • The importance of developing specific knowledge – leveraging your unique gifts, experiences, interests, and disposition
  • Why you can’t take someone else’s playbook and use it to execute your own success
  • Why it’s important to find opportunities that leverage your unique edge
  • Why the leverage of “zero marginal cost products” is so important
  • Why money solves your money problems but that’s about it
  • Why your health just may be the most important thing in your life
  • The role of identity around judgment and decision making

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The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

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