Episode 42 – Warren Buffett with Trey Lockerbie

In today’s episode, Sean interviews Trey Lockerbie. Trey is a former professional musician who has toured around the world, he’s also the CEO and founder of the beverage company Better Booch, and he’s an avid value investor too.

We’ll discuss how Trey got into value investing, how he met Warren Buffett, what he learned from that interaction, and the value investing principles he’s taken from Warren and incorporated into his own investment approach.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What it was like for Trey to meet Warren Buffett and what he learned from their conversation
  • How Trey went from options trader to value investor
  • The book Buffett told Trey to read, and what Trey learned from that book
  • The power of compounding
  • The importance of “Circle of Competence”
  • Why the concept of “Mr. Market” is so powerful and important to value investing
  • Why estimating intrinsic value is so important yet there is no single formula on how to do it
  • Why “margin of safety” is a bedrock principle of value investing
  • Why one of Buffett’s greatest assets is his love of learning and his ability to evolve his thinking and change his mind

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