Episode 43 – Mastermind Group on Decision Making with Annie Duke, Jake Taylor & Brent Snow

On today’s show, we brought back by popular demand, our Mastermind group on decision making. I believe decision making is one of those super-powers in living The Good Life. Improving our judgment can have a far-reaching impact on our health, our well-being, our emotions, our happiness – so many different aspects of our life. Decision making is the primary tool we have to go about in constructing a flourishing life.

The Mastermind group includes Jake Taylor of Farnam Street Investments, Annie Duke, author of “Thinking in Bets”, and Brent Snow, founder of Ten Thousand Feet which is a company that provides training to Fortune 500 companies on decision making. I’ve asked each of our guests to introduce a tip or technique that they recommend in improving our decision making.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How quitting helps us deal with uncertainty
  • Why, when the world changes, we should change our mind
  • Why being “quit-tuitive” is not intuitive, and what do do about it
  • Gritty is good but when do we quit and get gritty about something else?
  • The “quit-ability” of an option should be something we take into consideration
  • Determine the conditions in advance that would cause us to change our mind and try another strategy or model
  • Why Bezos encourages his team at Amazon to quit and shut projects down
  • Why we should “Widen the frame” – consider more than just two options
  • Why a group is great for providing different perspectives and independent thinking, but one person should make the decision
  • Why we shouldn’t use a group meeting to decide, rather we should use it to inform.
  • Information diets and truth densities – give yourself permission to go on an information diet
  • Pare down your input to information with high truth density
  • Why books are the oil of information

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