Episode 46 – Entrepreneurship, Music & Writing with Nabil Ayers

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In today’s episode at the Good Life, Sean Murray talks with Nabil Ayers, a professional musician, successful entrepreneur, and U.S. head of the independent music label, 4AD. Nabil is also a gifted writer. He has published in the New York Time, and the National Public Radio (NPR). Later this year, Viking Press will publish his memoir.

Nabil exemplifies so much of what we talk about on this show. There is a theme of music and creativity that runs throughout his life and career. In this episode, he talks about listening to an inner voice that has guided him through major decisions and career transitions. We also discuss what it means to follow your passion, and how that has played out in his life. Other topics include how Nabil channels creativity, and how writing has changed his day-to-day experiences.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • In this episode you’ll learn:The role of creativity in “the good life”
  • What it means to “follow your passion”
  • How Nabil started and built Sonic Boom, a successful chain of record stores in Seattle
  • How Nabil balanced playing music professionally while growing a business
  • How a conversation at a party made him lead the New York office of a major independent record label
  • How Nabil went from not writing in 5 years, to publishing in the New York Times and the magazines, to having a memoir coming out
  • How writing has changed Nabil’s life

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