Episode 47 – Decision Making with Brent Snow

In today’s episode, Sean Murray talks with Brent Snow, the designer of the popular course on decision-making called, “Decision Mojo.” Brent teaches decision-making to corporate executives.

Brent Snow talks about how to improve our decision-making by recognizing our cognitive biases, and taking steps to mitigate their effect. Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio all come up in the conversation as we seek to understand what makes them such great decision-makers, and how we can apply their lessons to our own life.


  • The role of cognitive bias in decision-making
  • How to recognize bias in decision-making and mitigate their effects
  • The “overconfidence” bias in estimating and forecasting, and how to manage it
  • Why you should always identify “what you don’t know” when making decisions
  • The confirming evidence bias
  • How to use probabilities and base rates, and humility to improve decision-making
  • Why Warren Buffett worries about the confirming evidence bias and what he does to reduce its impact
  • Why Jeff Bezos can lead a rocket company without being a rocket scientist himself, and what that teaches us about decision-making
  • The availability bias, how it comes into play in decision-making, and how to counter it
  • Why patients are being asked to take on more decision-making, and what that means for us
  • Why the dialogue between patient and doctor is so important in medical decision-making

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