Episode 48 – Time Management with Paul Burton

The topic this week is time management and productivity – how to get more out of each day. Time is our most precious resource. It is the currency of our lives. Your host, Sean Murray talks with time management expert Paul Burton. Paul offers great advice on strategies on how to stay focused, avoid distraction, get the most important work done and feel better about what we’ve accomplished.

What You’ll Learn:

• The difference between necessary and unnecessary distraction
• How to reduce distractions to create more focus
• The danger of multi-tasking and why it doesn’t work
• The importance of taking command of our technology and getting it to work for us
• How technology companies prey on our vulnerabilities and attempt to capture our attention
• How we can prevent apps, social media and other technologies from devouring our attention
• The connection between productivity and the positive feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day
• How being more efficient at work can free up time for friends, family and relationships to help us live the good life

Books & Resources

Paul Burton’s website: www.quietspacing.com

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Paul’s email: paul@quietspacing.com

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Sean’s Twitter Account
Sean’s Email: seanm@realtimeperformance.com
Website: RealTime Performance, Inc.
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