Episode #61 – Jeff Bezos’ Letter to Amazon Shareholders 2020

In today’s episode we explore Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to Amazon Shareholders and pull out lessons we can learn to help us succeed in business and in life. In the letter, Bezos looks at how Amazon delivers value to customers, employees, partners and shareholders and he explains how this value is an excellent measure of innovation.

Also, in the past year, a book of Bezos’ collected writing was published by Harvard Business Review Press titled, “Invent & Wander”. The book includes an introduction by Walter Isaacson, the author of the biography of Steve Jobs. This is a tremendous resource that includes all of his annual letters going back to the very first one in 1997, as well as transcripts of speeches he’s given throughout the years. 


  • A look back at Amazon’s growth since Bezos’ first letter to shareholders in 1997
  • How Amazon creates value for shareholders, customers, third-party sellers and employees
  • Why “saving time” for customers is the area where Amazon provides the most value
  • Why innovation is the source of all value creation in society
  • Why Amazon is adding a new element to its core mission
  • The Climate Pledge and Amazon’s role in leading that effort
  • Why differentiation is survival and the universe wants you to be typical
  • Why investing in your unique talents and skills is an important element to living The Good Life

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