Episode #68 – Journaling and the Power of Reflection with Bob Cancalosi

My guest today is Bob Cancalosi, the author of several books about journaling, most recently, Four Loops Learning: Reflection Points. Bob has been journaling for over 20 years. I talk with him about why he got started, what kept him going through the years and how it’s enhanced his life. He also talks about getting diagnosed, three years ago, with a rare head and neck cancer, and how journaling has helped him through a very trying ordeal, and how it’s changed his perspective on life.

If you are already journal daily, you’ll love this conversation and if you don’t currently journal, look out, because Bob just might inspire you to start.


  • How a fear of complacency drove Bob to start journaling
  • Why he writes about anything that motivates or inspired him
  • Why “leaders how are deliberately more reflective are profoundly more effective”
  • Why it’s important to go back and read the past 50 pages of your journal to extract the most impactful ideas.
  • How journaling helps leaders slow down, think deeper and mitigate risks before they make decisions
  • What is “additive thinking” and how it can help us
  • Why it’s much more effective to write in your journal by hand versus typing into a laptop.
  • Why the adage “repeat to remember and remember to repeat” is so important for journaling
  • Why the key to journaling is prioritizing and acting on your biggest ideas
  • Why its better to share knowledge with others rather than horde it
  • -Why it’s important to define our purpose


Four Loop Learning: Reflection Points, by Bob Cancalosi

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