Episode 25 – The Good Life with Andreas Elpidorou

On today’s show, I talk with Andreas Elpidorou, the author of Propelled: How Boredom, Frustration and Anticipation Lead us to the Good Life.

Andreas leads us on a fascinating discussion that covers a lot of ground related to happiness and the role emotions play in our pursuit of a meaningful life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What makes life difficult is also what makes life worth living
  • The surprising role boredom can play as a warning system and a guide
  • Why there is more to the Good Life than happiness…a lot more
  • Why authenticity and ownership of our life is so important
  • How frustration energizes and informs us
  • What we can learn from Andrew Wiles’ pursuit of Fermat’s Last Theorem
  • The surprising result of the Ikea Effect and what that tells us about happiness
  • Why “movement toward goals” may be the ultimate state of happiness

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