Episode 39 – Investing with Brian Portnoy

Today’s guest, Brian Portnoy, writes extensively on personal finance and investing. He has a new book out with Josh Brown entitled, “How I Invest My Money.” It’s a collection of 25 personal essays from financial advisers and experts, where they share the details of how they save, spend, and invest their own money.

In this episode, Brian explores happiness, contentment, risk, indexing versus active management, behavioral finance, equities, bonds, and real estate. It’s a fascinating look at something we don’t often get a chance to explore the details of how experts in finance use money to get what they want out of life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we should “fix the goalposts”
  • What it means to achieve “funded contentment”
  • How wealth creates options for how to spend our time
  • Why we should all define what wealth means to us
  • How to ”Plan with Purpose”

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